Included VSTs?????

Hi guys,

Im a little curious. I purchased C7 and I never downloaded any trial versions as it offered me in Hub so all the VSTs in my version of Cubase7 are simply what was included. These are the Steinberg VSTs I have:

HaLion Sonic SE
Loop Mash

I was looking on Steinbergs website and wanting to make some upgrades. Padshop Pro is 9.99 for the upgrade from basic but again, not sure if I have Pro or not. It says Padshop Basic came with C6 but says nothing about C7 so do I have pro or not? Also I was interested in upgrading HaLion. Now I have HaLionSonic SE and they offer HalionSonic and HaLion 4. The HaLion Sonic on their website doesn’t say SE so did Cubase7 come with a lite version or do I already have the full version of HaLion Sonic?

ALSO, I was reading HaLion 4 will allow me to load Wav Samples into it but HaLion Sonic does not allow this? is this true?

PadShop Pro it is different from the regular one that came with Cubase 6.5. With Padshop Pro you can import your files to use with it.

Halion Sonic SE is a “minor” version of Halion Sonic. Halion 4 is the full and complete version. You can upgrade to Halion Sonic, and then upgrade to Halion 4.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Do I need to upgrade HaLionSonic before going to Halion4? Im trying to upgrade but it doesn’t give me an option to upgrade from HaLion Sonic SE, these are the only options Im provided:

FULL VERSION : I want the HALion Sonic Full Version

I WANT THE UPDATE OR UPGRADE : Upgrade from Hypersonic 2, Hypersonic 1 or HALion Player
(not from HALion Player OEM or HALion ONE) Activation Code for the permanent activation of your trial version

Now I also went to HaLion 4 and it says I can upgrade from Sonic as long as I have version 1.5.2, I just installed an update for my Sonic but it was only 1.5 not 1.5.2? this is so confusing :confused:

Just curious why you do not consider alternatives to the Steinberg family. I have the full Halion4 but seldom use it as what I can get out of Native Instruments Kontakt is so much greater.

There are so much free stuff to download that will go with Kontakt. Kontakt has a free Player that most of the free stuff will go together with. So for no money at all you can start looking into that “famliy”. You can later upgrade to the full Kontakt and buy instruments to go together with it. For free stuff just surf for Free Kontakt instruments.

Competitors worth mentioning are Best Service and UVI. They are similar hosts to other companies instruments and Fx, and they do have a free “starter kit”, however they do not have so many choices when it comes to instruments to add under these “hosts” as Kontakt.

Kontakt is also a full sampler where you can import sound files to build your own instrument. Like if you come across some wave files that you like, you can turn that into an instrument using Kontakt.

I am not 100% sure, but I think you need Halion Sonic to be able to upgrade to Halion 4. Halion Sonic SE is not the same as Halion Sonic. In fact, the most recent version for Sonic SE is 1.6.3 and Halion Sonic is also 1.6.3, but they are different products, with different installers updates and licenses.

P.S. I have Halion Sonic (and Halion Sonic SE too, obviously as a Cubase user)

Thanks Rumdrum :slight_smile: but I already have Kontakt5 which came with the Komplete Package. Im just looking to upgrade my HAlion from Sonic SE to 4 but wasn’t sure if I could go directly to 4 from SE or needed to upgrade my Sonic 1st.

My question was answered, thanks Makumbaria :slight_smile:

C7 comes with padshop pro, I’m pretty sure.

Halionsonic and Halion 4 are very different.

Halionsonic (and se) are both romplers, meaning you cannot create your own sounds, only play back and manipulate pre-made sounds. But very good.

Halionsonic and se have a few small differences, one being able to add insert effects in the full version.

You mention upgrading to Halion 4, you DO NOT need to upgrade to halionsonic first, matter of fact, when you buy Halion 4, I believe it also includes a full license for regular Halionsonic as well.

Once you buy Halion 4 though, you will have no need for Halionsonic.
Halion is Halionsonic- FULL BLOWN!

It does everything Halionsonic does, supports the same formats, includes the same library of sounds (with pounds more) but on top of this it is not just a rompler, but a full blown sampler.
You can design your own sounds, and I find Halion 4 to be incredible in it’s endless capability.
I have produced whole tracks wth one instance of Halion alone, that along with it’s included effects, routing, layers, synth creation— it’s a very immersive program.

I too have Kontakt, and I don’t like it. Sure that is the most popular format when purchasing libraries or instruments, and as a rompler it’s fine, but as a sampler I don’t like the layout, the ui and it also does not have a builtin synth engine. The one area Kontakt has Halion beat is that it has built in slicing, which is handy though (still waiting for Steinberg to add this).

Last but not least is the compatibility between Cubase (nuendo) and Halion 4-- a sound designers dream!

Hope that helps

No, comes with Padshop, but not Pro version.

Thank u HotPinkBirds for the info.

I have Kontakt too and most of NI VSTs. i have always liked NI stuff, especially Kontakt But since I started using Cubase7 instead of Protools as my DAW, Im loving Steinbergs VSTs more and more, especially HALion. I did go on a lil spending spree last night and installed HALion4. Just had to have it as I felt limited with Sonic.

Btw, C7 does not come with Padshop Pro but well worth the upgrade and only $10.

I wholeheartadly agree with that. I am a heavy proponent of PP, because it restarted something in me that had become very robotic in terms of building sample sounds. It doesn’t fit all types of sounds naturally (hence the name), but I have created many new programs (loads of rhytmic drones) from samples I might not even have used at all otherwise.

Also, I just love H4 anymore. I always thought that earlier versions of HALion had such complicated interfaces. The new tree in itself is very liberating and so of course is the remainder of the interface. Here too, H4 opened up the sample usage a bit from the old “typical”, though I do hope that H4 will be expanded with more sample “handling” in the future.