Including ISRC code in mixdown

Hi my friends.

This might be pretty trivial question but is it possible to include ISRC code on WAV/MP3 file in mixdown and how?

No. You have to use WaveLab, afaik, or sim.

OK! Thank you. Answered finally :slight_smile: BTW, what is SIM? :confused:

Any free tools for this that you know of?

Sim = similar :wink: (Sound Forge, is an example)
No, I don’t know any free SW that does it. I use WaveLab myself.

Some mp3 taggers will add an ISRC field to the ID3 tags…this is a free one that does.

For Wav the only really viable option is to add it into the comment field you can create for a broadcast wav…But why you would want to bother is another matter.
No-one will ever read that data to see if there is an ISRC code and no software will detect it automatically and if you convert the wav to another format the data will be lost.

But if you really want to do it, this will edit wav metadata.