Including Tab and Standard Guitar Notation In Full Score


Is there a way to including tablature for guitar as part of a score of multiple instruments in Dorico. Or, alternatively, if I have a guitar part in standard notation in a score in Dorico, how can I also generate a tablature part for it as a separate view?

Thank you.


Yes sir, there is. The “Separate views” you mention Dorico calls parts. You can create as many parts, with whatever combination of instruments you want from the same main score.

In Setup, for each part, there is the option to display tab, notation, or both for fretted instruments, including for which tuning. So you can choose to show tab or not in the main score, tab or not in the guitar part, etc.

Dorico creates the tab automatically from the notation if that is how you want to work. It will let you write/edit ether stave and the changes will be made in the other.

Just to avoid confusion, what you refer to as “parts” are called Layouts in the Dorico lexicon.
Making a distinction may be important if you try to search for something here or in the help files.

Exactly, showing either or both notation staves and tablature is a per-layout option, and the steps for that are here :slight_smile:

(The main chunk of documentation for tablature starts here - scroll down the list on the left to see the other topics in the chapter - and information about inputting notes on tablature is here)

My bad… Layouts. Spent too much time with Sibelius.

Thanks great!

It would so great if Dorico could really hone in on improving the organization and use of guitar specific notations.
BTW, how robust is Dorico for notating drum parts?

Dorico’s very robust for notating drum parts. The specific quirk that seems to trip people up is that rests can’t be hidden in drum kits, but as long as you setup your notation using the minimum number of voices possible (and utilise the “extra voice” functionality when you need multiple voices) it’s not an issue.