Incompatibility of Download Manager with Mac Monterey system

I purchased Simple 1.5 but can’t download it because the Download Manager is incompatible with Monterey. Any idea when this will be fixed or if there’s a workaround? Since I’m in Israel, I can’t contact Steinberg directly.

Sorry, that’s “Steinberg Download Assistant”

According to the Steinberg Download Assistant | Steinberg website, MacOS 12 is supported.

But elsewhere on the site it says that Monterey is not compatible. And it simply doesn’t work. Why can’t they make the files available a different way?

It is compatible, but something on your system could be causing trouble, for instance, Steinberg Download Assistant 1.31.1 hangs up

Thanks so much. You were right. Tried a few suggestions like safe mode and updating Antares which didn’t work, then took the fonts out and that worked. Hurray!