Inconsistency in Nested Tuplets (Ratio Rhythms) Across Instruments


I have an issue to report, possibly a bug, possibly an intended feature that maybe shouldn’t be there, possibly a setting that I can toggle that I’m just missing :stuck_out_tongue:

In summary, when I use an alto flute instrument setting, I can nest a 5:3 into 3 notes of a 5:4. However, when I use a marching snare instrument setting, I cannot do this anymore. No error message or anything. I input the ratio with the 3 notes of the 5:4 highlighted, press enter, and nothing. I’m on a free trial, and just decided to randomly select the alto flute to try out the software. I primarily work with marching snare drum music, and can say that nested tuplets are very important to the instrument.

Had I not randomly selected the alto flute and instead started out with messing about with the marching snare drum setting, I would have dropped what I was doing and just wrote it off as not having this feature. Maybe other people have already met with this fate because of the inconsistency.

But Dorico does have this feature and does it well! So I think it should be applicable across all instruments, no? That’s why I think I maybe just found a bug. I’m on MacOS. Please let me know what you think.



I’m not able to reproduce this problem - I can create a nested tuplet in the same way on both pitched and unpitched instruments.

Is what I’ve done above different from what you’re doing? If you are able to attach a very small project in which the creation of the inner tuplet isn’t working then we can take a look.

I guess the marching drum might be part of a kit. In any case providing a file that exhibits the problem is a time-saver for anyone willing to help…
Richard is exhibiting that, used as a single line instrument, it works flawlessly as expected…

edit: I do see the difference.

If you read the OP’s instructions carefully, they seem to be:

  1. Start with three crotchets/quarters that already exist within a 5:4 tuplet.
  2. Select the three crotchets/quarters.
  3. Type ; 5:3 Enter

This method works fine on a pitched instrument and doesn’t work fine on an unpitched kit.

However in an unpitched kit you could:

  1. As above.
  2. Invoke the caret at the start of the three existing notes.
  3. ; 5:3 Enter

or you could input both tuplet ratios before inputting the notes. Inputting the tuplets before the notes has always been the quickest way in Dorico, but may not occur to a user who’s used to the way some other programs deal with tuplets.

Aha. There is a bug here, I think, though it only manifests if you are trying to create nested tuplets with material already present that is in only a single kit voice. We’ll take a look.


example.dorico (630.9 KB)
Here is a project in which attempting to highlight the 3rd, 4th, and 5th partial of the 5:4, then pressing ;, then typing in 5:3 and pressing enter does not produce the desired tuplet.

Easy to read instructions on how to replicate my issue:

  1. Highlight last 3 of the 5let
  2. Press ;
  3. type 5:3 in the box
  4. Press enter
  5. Sadness :frowning:

As I said above, you could still do this though:

  1. Invoke the caret at the start of the third note.
  2. Press ;
  3. type 5:3 in the box
  4. Press enter
  5. Rejoice :smiley:

Jul-10-2022 11-04-17

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Thank you so much! This works great.

Thank you for helping me get what I originally sought out to get.
Looks like I was also of service and found a bug for the devs in the process involving alternate methods of achieving this.