Inconsistent Beam Grouping across staves

Using Dorico 1.2, I ran into an odd notation issue I think is inconsistent behaviour.

I did export a score from Sibelius using MusicXML and imported it into Dorico. When I copied a measure from one staff (see top staff in attached screen shot) to another one (see bottom staff), the note beaming grouping is changing.

Although I prefer the top staff notation (and I’m able to control it using the Write menu > Notation Options… > Beam Grouping > Beam and rests > Rests in beam groups: Allow rests within beams), it seems inconsistent I can’t get stemlets in the top staff (the one untouched after importing).

Even stranger, when I cut the tied note in the top staff and paste it to exactly the same place, suddenly the stemlet notation is applied.

Is this expected behaviour? F.Y.I. the bottom panel doesn’t have any overridden options in both staves.

I expect this behaviour will very much depend both on the settings you have on the MusicXML Import page of Preferences, and on what kinds of edits you have done to the music after the import is completed. You can do Edit > Beaming > Reset Beaming to put things back to their default state, i.e. following the settings in Notation Options.

Alright, Daniel, thank you for pointing me into the right direction!