Inconsistent behaviour - Bypass of Inserts and Sends


I have started using the global Bypass function for Inserts, EQ’s, Channel Strips and Sends during mixing a little bit more recently and have some issues/proposals regarding this.

When bypassing all Inserts, EQ, Channel strips or Sends; using the State Button(s) in the Mix Console top tool bar, it deactivates all tracks as intended, so far so good.

But when I then reactivates these again with another click (toggle which seems to be supported in the version 10.0.30) it reactivates all relevant Insert, EQ’s Strips or Sends in the Mix Console, even the ones that has been individually deactivated prior to using the State button(s).

These buttons should IMHO remember what Inserts, Strips, EQ’s and Sends where previously activated and only reactivate the ones that were activated when using the State buttons.

This works to some extent for Sends, but differently for Inserts, so there seems to be some inconsistencies in how the racks work for Sends for example Inserts at the moment.

When using Sends or Insert racks it currently works like this regarding state/state colour of the rack:

  • An empty rack is grey
  • A rack with one or many activated Inserts or Sends is blue
  • A rack deactivated on rack level, i.e. all Inserts or Sends deactivated using rack colour button is yellow
  • A rack with all Sends individually deactivated for each Send is grey (as an empty rack) - but an Insert rack turns yellow – so here is some inconstancy!

When using the global bypass function it works like this:

  • Bypass all Inserts or Sends – all racks are bypassed (turns yellow) – which is OK
  • Reactivating (toggle) all Inserts or Sends again:
    – Previously grey racks turn grey again – which is OK. This also means that Send racks with all Sends individually deactivated are grey again – which I think is OK.
    – All previously blue or yellow racks are activated again (turns blue)! Here I wish that the function would remember and not reactivate yellow racks.
    – All individually bypassed Inserts or Sends within the racks are still bypassed – so that’s OK.
    This means that if you deactivate Sends individually (racks turns grey) it is not affected by global Bypass which is fine I think, but for Inserts it works differently.

I wish that the function would also remember what (racks) have been deactivated on rack level (yellow) in the same way, i.e. Global Bypass should only deactivated the “Blue” racks.

How is it supposed to work?

My proposal is:

  • Individually bypassing Sends and Inserts should result in the same state colour - grey or yellow
  • Global Bypass should only reactivate the racks that was previously activated (blue) when using/toggling global bypassing
    I guess there might be some similar question/issues related to EQ’s and Strips, i.e. what is deactivated and what is reactivated.
    I hope this makes sense as it was kind of difficult to describe in an easy way.