Inconsistent Key Command

I programmed my OPEN CHANNEL EDIT to a one button macro on my Xkeys controller. I also have the Eucon version on my MC Control. But I’m getting really inconsisten results on the use of the KC.

If I select a channel in the mixer and launch channel edit from the MC. It opens and closes. If I launch from the Xkeys, it will not open.

If I select a channel from the project window and launch channel edit from the Xkeys, it will open and I can toggle it closed.

If I select a channel from the project window and launch channel edit from the MC, it will open but I can’t toggle it closed.

If I select a channel via the find track/channel window and launch channel edit from the Xkeys or the MC, both will open and toggle closed.

If that wasn’t confusing enough, SOMEtimes, the channel edit function WILL launch from the mixer via the Xkeys and SOMEtimes it will launch from the project window via the MC AND it will toggle close.

You never know which one will work or not work or when! Why can’t I get a CONSISTENT performance out of THIS command? It’s the only one that acts like this. Any other KC I’ve programmed into the Xkeys, use from the QWERTY KB, or execute from the MC will act as expected. What’s the deal with this one? :question: :question: :question:

So, my guess (barring further information) is that the MC Control communicates using Eucon (right?) which means it’s a separate protocol with its own ‘rules’. It’s weird to me that the behavior is different for Eucon depending on whether you’re on the project or mixer page, but, considering the following it’s not strange at all:

Steinberg completely screwed up the key command functionality by requiring focusing in windows - actually, not only windows but regions within windows - rather than having them function globally. So for tons of users who spent a great deal of time setting up macros outside of Nuendo, but using Nuendo key commands, all of that work went out the window. If you want to trigger a command that refers to something in the mixer you need to be in the mixer. There are some exceptions, which is of course counter-intuitive, but the whole damn thing is to begin with so no news there.

For example: I had a template that was set up a very specific way, and it allowed me to record-arm only specific tracks (stems) in that setup. As soon as SB destroyed that key command functionality it no longer worked. I would have to be in the right pane for that to work. Unfortunately opening a mixer window doesn’t automatically put me in one specific pane every single time, so I can’t incorporate [TAB] to get to the pane before executing the commands.

Now, seeing that users complained about this a long time ago, and Steinberg officials won’t even comment on it, nothing will change. At best I’m guessing someone might say something along the lines of “it’s better”, but that rep will probably not be a working engineer anyway, so whatever…

It used to be that key commands that were completely configurable and consistent was a great sales argument for Nuendo, compared to PT at least, but I don’t really feel the same any longer.

It won’t change… And it sucks.

I figured it out. THERE ARE TWO SETS OF KC’S.

  1. MIXER: Channel Edit
  2. EDIT: Channel Edit

The mixer’s channel edit only works for the selected channel IN the mixer window. The Edit channel edit works in both. But the ability to toggle on and off seems to be window focus specific. Eucon will toggle in both the mixer window and the project window IF you use the Edit channel edit KC. The Xkeys will apparently only work one OR the other, depepnding on which KC you use.

ie: Edit channel edit will toggle in the project window, but Mixer channel edit will not, if you have the Edit channel edit KC programmed. It does just the opposite if you programmed the Mixer channel edit.

So I programmed both commands in an overlay (Mixer KC in global & Edit KC in the N6.5 specific layer). Now I can toggle on and off from either device in either window. If anyone else uses Xkeys, this will come in as handy information. :wink:

I think we need two new subforums :
A- Keyplayer doesn’t Rtfm issues.
B- Keyplayer and the Mc issues.


I DO READ THE MANUAL! :angry: I don’t bother asking ANYTHING on this forum unless I’ve gone through the manual with every combination of searches. I do this BECAUSE I KNOW I’m going to have to take crap from some forum member who thinks just because he/she knew something, at the point of my question, that everybody else SHOULD have known it.
Nuendo 6 MANUAL_Channel Edit Search.jpg
Those kind of comments are WHY a lot of members would rather not figure something out. I know it’s why I scour every corner of the internet praying that somebody is selling a DVD Tutorial so I don’t ever have to ask a question here and then read this kind of B.S.! NOT sharing your laugh!!

I completely agree about the focusing issue. If they’re going to give you a single function that shows up in 5 different sections, then any adjustment to that item SHOULD effect it in all it’s locations. Since this is generally the case, the focusing requirement has become an impediment.

Aargh Keyplayer, I see my attempt of humoring didn’t go too well since I have to fix it.

If you look on the right hand side you’ll see “keyplayer : been thanked 8 times”.
Among those 8 times was one from me. A while ago, a question you asked about cycle markers.
The answers you got taught me to use those cycle markers which I somehow totally skipped on my workflow (using key command P to set locators for a part I’d need to loop. Not very handy).
This discovery became very handy soon after, when I got to mix short feature films. Hence my gratitude.

Here is what you asked yesterday about Find Track/Channel.
The answer Fredo gave you made me discover the little magnifying glass on top of the arrange window. WTF ! I never used or even saw that thing. Super handy.
This is what I posted :

I wasn’t humoring. I was genuinely thanking you both.
See, I don’t know it all. Far from it.

Now about my humour attempt, it seems like one question out of two you ask here is Eucon or MC related. It is like a mantra. You struggle to make this thing work.

The point about a subforums for Keyplayer RTFM issues was because you found your way soon after you posted the issue. And the answer is at the core of Nuendo’s controller layout. There has always been Mixer : Channel Edit and Edit : Channel Edit.

Steinberg this, Nuendo that… Many a times, WE point the finger to the program when it is us not mastering it or missing an obvious feature. And it does make me smile !

Humour is food for thoughts. There is a message in fooliness sometimes.

So, no harm intended, sorry If you felt hurted.

Thanks you so much for your clarification! I realize that things can be “lost in translation” when being limited to print. I have had some horrible experieinces here trying to get information that SHOULD have been provided from Steinberg but weren’t and ever since Yamaha bought them you can’t call anybody at product support anymore. So just coming here to ask is already “an issue” because:

  1. You’re not working, you’re fixing something.
  2. You’re aggrivated because you can’t just look it up an fix and get back to work.
  3. Now, you’re going to look like an idiot because you couldn’t fix it yourself.
  4. You have to wait sometimes for days for a response and you’re not sure that the response will be helpful.
  5. The solution is frequently some unkown variable that only the people writing the code would’ve known or it’s hidden in the manual under “Pineapples (what that has to do with lanes, you can’t imagine)!!”
  6. You have to waste more time journaling the entire experience, in case it happens again, which is tantemount to writing a new manual.

So very little about this is even remotely enjoyable. I apologize for what might seem an over reaction and thank you again for your explanation. We’re good.