Inconsistent mute behavior for nested folders


In Cubase 12.0.20/OSX 11.6.6:

Noticed today that when muting a parent folder that contains a nested folder of instrument tracks, the tracks within that nested folder will mute. However, when un-muting the parent folder, the instrument tracks within the nested folder will remain muted (though the nested folder track itself is unmuted).

What is odd is that soloing the parent folder behaves as expected: all parent and nested children tracks are soloed and un-soloed. It seems to be just un-muting that is the problem.

“Deep Track Folding” doesn’t seem to affect this. Am I missing some preference, or is this a legit bug?

Hey there, it is a bug. I already noticed it in 2019, back then it was also buggy when dealing with groups. They fixed it back then, but it is still buggy with folders.
The good news is, they are aware of this bug and will work on it on the following updates.

and I thought I had gone crazy…

Ah, super unfortunate. Had it the ability, it’d make what I’m doing all that much sweeter. Too bad. Hope that it gets fixed.

Regardless, am enjoying the switch from Logic as my main DAW. Thanks for confirming that it’s not just a problem solely with my environment though. Much appreciated.

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