Inconsistent Toolbox behavior

Discovered in the troubleshooting process of a previously solved toolbox issue:

One small discrepancy regarding the functionality of the main Toolbar/Tool Buttons selector.

Hovering and left clicking over the Time Warp. Line and Play buttons currently produce a green to yellow “timer” followed by the dropdown variations available (this is new to C10). However, the Object Selection tool operation seems to have a slight glitch to it. Rather than trying to explain the particulars, please try the steps I’ve listed below to duplicate:

  1. From the main Toolbar/Tool Buttons selector, select a tool other than the Object Selection Tool (example: Glue)

  2. Having made the Glue selection, go back to the Object Selection Tool, hover and left click to get the green to yellow “timer” and make a selection (example: Normal Sizing).

  3. Release the mouse.

  4. (This is what I’m seeing) Glue still remains the active Tool and is highlighted in the Toolbar.

  5. (This is what I’m seeing) Go back to the Object Selection button and left click it. Only now does it become selected and active. Hovering and left clicking the Object Selection button no longer produces the green to Yellow “timer” but the function selector dropdown does appear, and works as expected.

By no means a showstopper, but it is easy to tell it’s not working quite the way it was intended to work.


Confirmed and reported to Steinberg.

Workaround, if you want to select the Sizing Applies Time Stretch after Split tool is select, just double-click to the Object Selection (arrow) tool. The drop-down menu appears, you can select the alternative tool (Sizing Applies Time Stretch after Split), and the tool is selected.