Inconsitant bar number placement in Score [SOLVED]

If I’m in the Score Editor in a layout with multiple instruments and select the setting to put bar numbers below the staff I get inconsistent results. Sometimes it puts the numbers just underneath the the grand staff - which is what I want. But other times it puts the number below the top staff in the grand staff, which pretty much buries it between the first and second staffs. I’m guessing this is related to some other setting, or…? Can’t seem to see any rhyme or reason to when this happens.

next time you “catch it” doing that, could you post a screenshot? (and maybe another screenshot showing Score Settings>Project>Notation Style>Bar Numbers)

I see I left out a bit in my previous post. This seems to happen on a project specific basis, so if it does this in a project it always does it in that project. So I can easily “recreate” the issue by opening a known problem project and changing the setting. In the attached you’ll notice the numbers for bars 1 & 5 are shown under the first staff. Also I get the same results if Auto Space is checked or not.
bar number.JPG

Does that project have any hidden staves? (shooting in the dark here :wink: )
If you change the setting from “First Bar” to “Every Bar”, where to the extra bar numbers appear? (in line with the first bar number, or below the grand staff?)

Yeah there are hidden staffs but that is also true for projects where the bar number appears below the grand staff. I’ll make a copy of the project and mess around with some of the other settings.

Vic, while trying out your what happens if you try this suggestions I stumbled into what’s really going on.

It turns out this is a problem with updating the display after changing the bar number position. If I start with the bar number above the staff and then select the setting for them to be below the staff and hit apply, the result is what is shown in the image above. The bar number will be below the first staff and not below the grand staff. If I then move to page 2 of the score, the bar numbers are now correctly below the grand staff. Moving back to page 1 they are in the right location. So the display update that occurs when hitting apply shows it in the wrong location even though it is actually in the correct location.

Suppose I should write up an issue report now that I can fully replicate it.

So, just to be clear, it eventually corrects itself when you do UPD? I think there are several issues with this (since even Cubase 7, I think) (sorry if I’ve gotten the wrong end of the stick… waaaay past bedtime here :wink: )

Not sure what you mean by UPD :astonished:

But yeah the misplacement is corrected once you move to a different page. I actually figured this out while changing the “Show Every” value from first bar to 1 and nothing changed, Then I tried a weird number like seven and again nothing changed. But then I looked at page 2 and saw that bars 14 & 21 now had numbers. Returning to page 1 it now had numbers on bars 1 & 7.

But it seems that the location really is misplaced until you change pages. Minimizing and the maximizing the window (forcing a redraw on the display) doesn’t show it correctly. And if I print the page while it is showing the bar number in the wrong location, it is also wrong on the print out. But once I move to another page, all is right on all the pages.

the “UPD” button in the Score Editor’s extended toolbar (UPD, for “Update” :wink: )

I often don’t have that toolbar open and had never really noticed the button. And yes clicking it does correct the display. Good to know. :smiley:

For the record, if forced to guess I would have picked update for UPD.

If you wish to keep the extended toolbar closed, there is a Key Command (provided you have a spare key combination available :wink: )… Score Functions>“Force Update”.

…which for some reason has become necessary to invoke more often than years previous. (even when pasting notes…)