Incorporating Reason Studios Rack Extension SDK

Simply I am a long time Reason user, love the program and routinely use the reason rack as a plugin feature. I am trying to shrink my DAW footprint and was wondering if incorporating Reason Studios Rack Extension SDK to run natively in Nuendo/Cubase is possible. I use the Reason rack as a plugin but don’t like how the players midi out works and think this would be better used natively in Cubase/Nuendo. Just as Reason incorporated VST why not Support the Reason Rack Extension SDK.
As I upgraded from Cubase to Nuendo, the sheer amount of features and tools is mind boggling. Why not do something bold to make Nuendo the one DAW to rule them all. This is not intended to slam Reason Studios or Steinberg but since you did have a section for feature request I figured I ask for what I would like most. In a Perfect world Reason and Nuendo would merge into one product with the Reason Rack and option of using reasons mixer instead of Cubase or a combination of both.

What? Not in my perfect world…
I think it depends on your perspective… there are many different worlds possible… :wink:

Reason isn’t part of my workflow but could see the use of this, as I think some of the Reason synths and FX sound fantastic,
That said, Nuendo is aimed at post production and mixing so I can’t imagine Reason is high on their priority list.
Cubase, however, is aimed at composition and music making, so it could fit there and would eventually find it’s way back into Nuendo through the shared feature set.

I do not think, that would be possible without involvement of Reason Studios. The SDK only supports creating Rack Extensions, not hosting them. REs are only and specifically tailored to the special environment of the Reason Rack, that goes for the GUI specifics as well as I/O aspects.

Tbh., I don’t think that Reason Studios would be very keen to have other DAWs host Reason Extensions.