Incorrect BPM in media bay?

Why does Media bat incorrectly label the tempo of my acidized samples at 120 BPM?
I know that is wrong because in ACID I can see the Native BPM, this error forces me to have to select the sample and then enter in the correct BPM in order to synchronize playback to the project temp.

I have the same problem. It is actually part of another problem I am having where my bwf’s are actually being incorrectly timestamped as a result. Steinberg is aware of it, but doesnt seem to really care at this point, as they have not responded to my post, or shown any plans of fixing this. I have posted it in another thread:

Thank you for replying to this message, one of the main reasons for selecting SB C6 was media bay, as an asset maangement and auditioning system. However this really annoys me, that I have differential playback rate with respect to the project and subject audio files.