Incorrect bracket grouping of percussion (and other instruments)

This is one of those things I have noticed Dorico can’t do correctly. I have a large orchestral score with pretty traditional percussion (glockenspiel, wood block, snare drum, triangle, cymbals, bass drum and tam-tam). These all instruments should be grouped within one bracket. But, Dorico cannot group glockenspiel with non-pitched percussion.

All percussion instruments (pitched and non-pitched) should be bracketed with one and single bracket. I hope this could be corrected soon in next up grade. I have now 2.1. PRO.

Also I have to complain that Dorico don’t do correct sub-bracketing for woodwinds. Instruments of same type (e.g. piccolo and flute) should be grouped with sub-bracket. At the moment Dorico don’t do this.

Also, there is a problem with string divisi. If you have 2 violin parts, violin 1 and 2. Dorico has a sub bracket joining these to staves. When there is a divisi in either or both parts, there is no secondary sub bracket which shows which divisi part belongs to a which violin 1 or 2 section.

I hope there would be a tool where you could create sub-bracket groups you really need. There are lots of cases where 5 different options of bracketing groups in Preferences fall short. Grouping tool in Setup mode is a good start, but it isn’t always possible to make correct bracket groups with it.

Dorico 2.1. Pro is really nice, but because of these instrument bracket issues it isn’t yet in the level where you can do orchestral scores in such way that the result is accepted by any of serious publishing houses.

We know that Dorico needs more flexibility in bracketing and bracing, and it’s certainly something that we intend to work on soon.