Incorrect condensing change on divisi?

I’ve read the pertinent threads on condensing divisi, and I don’t think this has been addressed. I’m not sure if this is a bug, or something I’m not understanding.

In the following example, I added a manual condensing change at the signpost because I want the divisi passage—currently condensed—to be split out starting at the signpost.

But Dorico maintains the condensing until the following system, at which point it displays it as I’m wanting.

Am I missing something?

Do you want two staves all the way from bar 90? Then maybe you could delete the unison signpost and just have both staves playing the same thing for bars 91-93?

I definitely can do that. I was just hoping to apply the divisi and condensing changes precisely where they were wanted, and that Dorico would sort it out on a system-by-system basis. In this part layout I’m preferring condensed divisi where possible (it’s Violin I), and un-condensed divisi where it gets more complex, such as bar 94. Here I expected that the condensing change would have forced the entire system to display in two staves.

I could be wrong, but I think condensing changes that involve changing the amount of staves only take effect on the following system. They’re not retroactive, in other words.

Ah. The limitation makes sense, though I confess I’m spoiled by the automatic nature of divisi in that regard. Thanks.

I hadn’t thought of that - you’re right, divisi is retroactive, but condensing changes are not. Interesting!