Incorrect detection of peaks

Hi, I’m new to WaveLab Elements 8 and now I’m a bit confused by the behaviour of peak detection (using version 8.0.4 build 701).

I want to create markers quickly to multiple regions with sounds, so I used Global Analysis - Find peaks function, however, WaveLab Elements 8 unexpectedly detects peaks from silent zones.

Here is a test file on which I performed the operation:

I tried re-creating preferences folder, and re-install of WaveLab Elements 8 , but no luck.
Do you have any suggestions?

There is a problem indeed. This is caused by the fact that the parts of the file where wrong peaks are detected, is made of samples with a value of 0. And the detection algorithm is mislead by this special case. This will need a correction.

Hi PG! Thanks for your quick answer. Maybe “Peak detection threshold” option will be favorable and efficiently find out important sounds from the sound source with constant non-zero background noises like hum or dither noise.(non-Elements edition has options like that?)