Incorrect Note Duration Length in First Measure Playback

I have a piece of music where the first measure is the same as the 3rd, 5th, 7th, etc. When playing back, and in the exported audio, the first 2 notes (8th notes) have a different duration each in the first measure compared to the identical notation in the subsequent measures. Both notes are tied 8th notes. Is this a system issue or something else that I am missing entirely?

Mp4 attached.


Please share a cutdown version of the bars were it happens as Dorico File. From your video I think is very difficult to see what is going on.

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I think I have a similar problem. Grace notes at the beginning do not play. When I make an Audio Export, the grace notes do sound, but they sound too long. This Audio export was my real problem.
Screen replay
Audio export
Dorico file
When I insert an empty bar up front, problem is solved, but it looks like a bug to me.

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If you want grace notes at the beginning of a flow to play, you need to change Playback options>Timing>Pre-roll to some value higher than 0…
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There are no Grace notes at all in the piece. I changed that setting and it does not work:-(

tried to upload but it says the file is too small to upload. Here is a screenshot. The problem is in the bass clef 1st measure. First two notes plays differently than the
first notes in third measure yet they are identical.

  1. Too small ?!
  2. The LH ties (longer notes) are completely useless with pedal, and just clutter up the score. With pedal it should be written as straight eighths, mostly single notes.
  3. The audio in the first post is unintelligible. The sound drops out in the middle.
  4. Bar 3 is not identical to bar 1. The pedal markings differ.
  5. The clef is spelled “bass” (though pronounced the same)
  6. What is going on with the overlapped staves in 2 different clefs?
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As for the timing: It looks as if your Tempo marking (Adagio) is not positioned at the beginning of the bar. This can cause the piece to start with a (unwanted) tempo and then continue with another tempo as the Tempo marking begins. Drag it to the left (in write mode!).

(The collision with another staff looks also bad but without the file cannot say much)

The overlapping in the Treble clef is a Dorico thing when I copied measures over. Not sure why That happened but the issue is in the first 3 notes of the first measure and the 3rd measure. So pedal markings should not matter?

Also “base” was a fat finger error. Oops!

Yeah that collision is something Dorico did when I cut and pasted the measures.

Will try and move that as suggested.


Moving the Adagio marking fixed it, thank you so much!

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