Incorrect rests displayed in upbeat bar

I have a crotchet upbeat at the start of a new section. I’ve created that and it works fine in all instruments, whether they are playing the crotchet upbeat or resting. However, the percussion (and double bass) all display a full bar’s rest. How can I get them to just display a crotchet rest? Attached is the timpani part. (I realise this could be solved by making the new section into a new Flow, but I don’t want to do that because I will be exporting an Xml so a friend can edit in Sibelius). Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong? Many thanks.

Ah. Interesting development but still not solved. In the full score, I copied a correctly notated crotchet rest and successfully pasted it into the offending instruments. (See screenshot). Unfortunately, the parts remain uncorrected. (They are timpani, triangle, snare drum, bass drum and double bass).

You’ve created 1 bar that is 1 / 4 (which therefore gets whole-note rests when empty), and then a change to 3/4.

If you create a meter change at b. 134 of “3/4,1”, you’ll get a pick-up of 1 beat, followed by 3/4. You’d get the same (correct) result by just adding the double bar in the popover at the 4th beat.

Thank you Ben! That’s fixed it. I still don’t understand why most of the other instruments displayed the crotchet rest with my (erroneous) 1/4 bar, but I’m happy to have sorted it now.

Possibly because they were Forced Duration-ed from the XML import? Don’t know why some weren’t, though.

If I recall this wasn’t an xml import, but one of the very first projects I did on Dorico to try to get my head round it all back in 2020. However I tried Forced Duration-ing a crotched rest into the errant parts this morning to no avail. :man_shrugging:

Sorry, just have to get this out of my system: Blue Danube?

Ha ha. Yes! :grin: When I first got Dorico I asked myself what engraving project I could possibly do for practice which might come in useful for an arranging project one day in the future … I was right!

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