incorrect shutdown of Cubase Pro 8.0.35

Hello. I can’t solve the problem of an incorrect Cubase application shutdown. It really annoys me; I can’t work in comfort!
The system is Windows 10 x64 (fully updated), Cubase 8 x64. An error that can be seen in the screenshot occurs while attempting to close the application. I have already exhausetd all the possible ways to solve the problem and conducted my own tests!
This is what I’ve discovered:

  1. The error occurs ONLY in 8.0.35 update! When working with 8.0.30, the shutdown is correct!
    This is the way I conducted a simple test (in order to make sure the issue is NOT about MY plugins): I created a new project and loaded the built-in VST Amp rack and Bass Amp plugins, after which I closed Cubase. So I made sure that the issue was about 8.0.35 version.
  2. In Windows 7 x64, the shutdown of Cubase 8.0.35 x86 and x64 is correct.
    Help me solve the problem!
    Thank you
    Ошибка Cubase 8.JPG

Can anybody help?

After the update 8.0.40!