Incorrect slur rendering for grace "chords"

I have the following situations:

In measure 75, the notes seem to be engraved correctly. However, for some reason, in measure 76 and 77 the slur is doing something weird.

Any idea why is that and how can it be fixed?

This is a known limitation, already mentioned several times in the past years in this forum. The Team know, they need to get back to this to make it look better. In the meantime, Engrave mode is your friend (alt-clicking a tweaked slur to another same situation is your very good friend).

If you would like good-looking slurs in measures 76 and 77 without having to adjust them in engrave mode, you could enter the notes like this with the quarter note chords in a downstem voice:

Then select the upstem quarter notes, hide their stems in engrave mode and set their voice column index to zero.

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I am confused by this notation. How can an identical grace note chord be slurred? Doesn’t it have to be a tie (or 4 ties)?

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That’s a good point. I’m actually not sure. Should there be a slur in this case? I was under the impression that every grace note has a slur but I’m not sure about this particular case.