Incorrect Spelling Grrrr!

Hi guys.

Please take a look at the picture. I don’t understand WHY Dorico would interpret the spelling the way it did.
I am in the Key of Eb major. It spelled the 1st voice’s Eb correctly, but in the second voice, as I pressed the Eb on my MIDI keyboard, Dorico entered a D#!??? :astonished:

Is there a setting I didn’t set right somewhere? Is it a bug? I must find a help topic somewhere that shows me how to respell a note.

Hans :slight_smile:

Another key point (no pun intended) is KEEP GOING. By default Dorico will change its mind as more notes are entered, and automatically respell previous notes - this function can be disabled.

On the whole Dorico does seem to get it right with tonal music, and with atonal music it tends to follow fairly obvious rules.

I agree that it mostly works like Pianoleo says, but I do think there is some kind of flaw in the algorithm as implemented at this moment. There is no logic behind Dorico notating a d# in Eb major. I have also had this situation many times.

One key programmed to change to the upper enharmonic and one for the lower does the trick.

One single key command - “Toggle sharp/flat” - should be able to ake care of all situations which are as simple as a sharp appearing where there should have been a flat and vice versa.

Oh OK, thanks guys…so I can take from what “LAE” said that Dorico has an algorithm issue with the spelling of notes entered in a given key…which I suppose will be fixed at some point. It is also said that Dorico “somehow” figures out as one enters notes that it spelt certain notes wrong and corrects it…and that have Key Commands at my disposal to alter the spelling of a note?!

So…one would obviously hope that in time the software will “intelligently know” (be programmed) to spell correctly…I mean…the creators of S did it right there, so they know the “logic” how to code the algorithm.

Cool, no major train smash! I will use the key commands in the meantime. :slight_smile:

Have a GREAT weekend guys!

Hi…is there a command like that already or is this a feature request.
If there is this key command, will you please be as kind as to tell me.


A toggle does not (yet) exist, and I am not sure I have seen any official mention of plans for one.



(& not mentioned in the linked thread but certainly elsewhere, how’s a toggle supposed to deal with a double-flat or a double-sharp or some note that you want to respell as a double-flat or double-sharp?)

Don’t hold your breath for a toggle.

No, it’s not a key command yet as far as I can tell. There are dedicated shortcuts for flat, sharp, natural etc (including double and triple flats/sharps), but not “toggle flat/sharp”. So yes, you can consider this a feature request. :slight_smile:

No, I’m not suggesting a toggle. The current Dorico’s key shortcuts are fine as it is.
I am talking about Dorico “making a smart musical choice” by utilising an algorithm for Dorico to “see”/“understand” that I am in Eb major and it should enter an Eb on the stave instead of a D# when I enter the note on my MIDI controller. The only time Dorico should enter a D# is when I modulate to E major…the D# being the leading-note to the new key.