Incorrect TEMPO definitions for recorded audio clips FOR YEARS!

Despite mentioning that Cubase is a great DAW, fast and flexible and so on, I should say that it had some bugs that nobody seems to notice or take care of for years! I can’t believe it.

EXAMPLE. I have my project in the tempo of 140 bpm.
I record some audio parts, do some edits, maybe duplicate some clips to make my song structure.
Then I decide to change the project tempo to 150.
I select all of my audio and switch it to Musical mode - and here we go, it all messes up.
Ok, I go check my audio clips - all of them have different random tempos (like 93.23 for example).

Isn’t it obvious that if I have my project tempo set to 140, then all of the new audio that I record should have the same tempo set by default?? Or am I missing something?

What I have to do now to deal with it - I have to select all of my clips, “Bounce selection” them in the previous tempo of 140, then I get the new files with the right tempo (wow!) and then I switch them to Musical mode and I have the proper results.
Or I have to go to Advanced - Set definitions from tempo… which also leads to some unnecessary clip bounces and usually strange results.
Or I have to manually set EACH of my audio clips (what if I have hundreds of them?) to the right tempo !
But why should I have to do this unnecessary steps? Create new files, drop my edits and so on((((

I’ve been using Cubase for more than 10 years now. Last 6 years - Cubase 7.5. And now moved to 10.5 - and nothing changed!
6 years - same bugs
Again - if I’m missing something - correct me!

I am a loyal user of Cubase for years. And I’m going to mention here all of the issues that have been bothering me for years through all of those versions. Stay tuned!

Nobody cares?

Yes - run into this many times, and use the same workarounds you’ve described.
Just another of those things that won’t ever be addressed.

No. you don´t have to do this. You can manually set them to the desired tempo

If you have hundreds of them select them all via shift click, and change the tempo once - done!

This doesn’t always help - especially if you’ve used cycle recording.

I’m not sure why - maybe to do with the snap marker?, but the audio files can end up moving out of sync in the project and it becomes a mess.

By far the best option is to bounce all the files in place. Hopefully in doing this the correct tempo will be added to the files anyway but if not, at least they will stay in the correct place when you do it manually.

If the files move out of sync (i.e. move position), it is most probably because of the track´s timebase setting

No - I never need to change this, there’s a bug somewhere.

Do you mean using the Pool?

The main question to Steinberg - why not initially give new audio the proper tempo of the project? Isn’t it obvious?

Given up…


Don´t know, why it doesn´t for you, but here it does.
-Record with tempo track active at 120 bpm - all recorded files show tempo 120 in the pool
-Change tempo to 138 bpm - record. all newly recorded audio clips show tempo 138 bpm, all previously recorded track show 120 bpm.
And it behaves like that in Cubase 8 and 10

Ok! You’re helping me to figure it out.
I just made a few tests and here’s what was going on - it behaved exactly how you said, if I just recorded one take with Cycles off.
If I record in a loop with cycles activated (which is the most common situation for me), the recorded files show random tempos (like 85,54 bpm). Try it.
Is it a bug or a feature?

Add it to the list.

You don’t change tempo between cycles, do you?

It is a bug IMO, and have been like this for ages…

Oh that is some good sleuthing. I’d grown to accept that the tempos shown in the Pool after recording were either wrong or totally missing & got into the habit of setting them manually. Never noticed it was related to loop recording.

One thing that has puzzled me for ages is what should the Pool Tempo be for Audio that was recorded to a changing tempo. Say I have a bridge that starts at 105bpm and over the course of 16 Bars ramps up to 115bmp. What tempo should that recording show in the pool - starting tempo, average tempo, or…?

I do think that refer to the starting tempo (but I have not looked very hard into it)…

Usually I have made a tempo chart before tracking… But whenever I have to change the tempo in pre-prod (after recording some working files), I use/set the “tempo definition” to file thingy (I don’t remember the exact wording). That should also embed the tempo changes and at the position/time it occurs.

I never change tempo on files ready for mixing though.

Which list do you mean?

I’m also used to open the audio pool and correct the tempo. Have been doing that for many years, wondering if it ever worked correctly.

Still an issue in Cubase 11 :frowning:

Where is that list, that we have to add this issue to??

Thank you Alex for noting that the proper tempo will be written ONLY WHEN CYCLE IS OFF. Hilarious. I’ve been struggling with this for years as well. Guess it will never be properly fixed