Incorrect trill accidental


The auto-generated accidental above the trill is incorrect.
See attached image.

I marked the C# and added a trill line.
At the inspector, I chose the trill to have interval size 2 (trill between C# and D#).
But as you can see, Dorico puts a natural sing above the trill instead of a sharp sign.

Also, if I enter interval size as 1, I get a flat sign (which is bizarre in context of a C#)

Currently, 1=flat, 2=natural, 3=sharp in all situations.

I am aware, I am just saying “currently” the behavior is wrong.
Also, I wonder, once they actually incorporate trills into the play back whether there will be a discrepancy between the visual marking and the actual result being played back.
For instance, if I have a C# with interval=2, graphically above the note it will currently show a natural sign indicating that it is a trill between C# and D while it’s my guess that the playback would actually play the current interval of size 2 which means the playback will be C#-D#.

Will there be a feature to add automatic trill accidentals for microtonal tunings? That is so specific, but it would be so fun to have.

I’m sorry, I thought you were confused by the current behaviour. I’m sure the team are aware of this current limitation.

I am just trying to write as many issues as I find to make sure the team is aware of their existence. If they are aware, they are welcome to disregard my comments. I’m on a mission to help :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure the developers already know it’s “wrong” - though it might be more accurate to say “it’s not fully implemented yet”.

It would be crazy to intentionally leave the notation and the playback inconsistent when both are working.

I don’t think anybody from Steinberg will complain about “constructive” problem reports - it’s better to have something reported twice than not reported at all!

I don’t for a second think they will do it intentionally. I am saying that the playback engine probably doesn’t graphically analyze the score to playback, but more likely it will grab the data from the Interval size setting. This in turn will create a discrepncy between seen and heard. But, I am second guessing myself. I am sure they will address this in an update.