Increase Audio Pre-Record Buffer max value


Is there a way to increase Retrospective Record Buffer for audio recording to capture say 10 seconds? It seems it captures only 1 second for me.

The maximal time allowed is 60 seconds it seems (C11 Operation manual - p.276).

I wish it would be more, something like 3 minutes, to be really useful, as the 10000 events allowed for MIDI retrospective recording…

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My question was about audio and not MIDI! The page you referred to is all about MIDI. But thank you!

Thank you, Steve. That is on Page 274 and under a different name than I expected. Peace!

@Chikitin, please chill. @cubic13 did answer about audio. Look up Audio Pre-Record in the manual. I’ll edit the title

I am chilling Steve. Please you do the same!

He referred me to a wrong page! I also revised my reply! I did thank both of you!

Thanks for the support… :slightly_smiling_face:
I have a question about this, though, as I confirm that the involved information is truely in p.276, at least, here…

So, the question is : are there different versions of this document ? I have downloaded mine last december and in p. 2 of it, there is this :

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All rights reserved.
Cubase Pro_11.0.0_en-US_2020-11-11

I have looked just before posting at the presently available one downloadable in Steinberg Help : seems like it has the exact same header. From which, I’m just wondering why there seems to be at least two different paginations, or there is a more recent one published when 11.0.10 has been released : if it’s the case, where can I get it ? :thinking: