Increase by grid duration to extend flow

Very excited about the potential with all the new improvements in Dorico 4. But here’s the first snag I’ve hit which affects my workflow. I wonder in fact if anyone has been using Dorico like this:

When transcribing from audio, I have been using the ‘Increase by grid duration’ shortcut (Alt + Shift + Right) on a bar rest (with Note Input activated) at the end of a flow to effectively add extra bars one at a time as I hear them, so I can map out a piece before transcribing the parts.

Now in Dorico 4, while the shortcut still exists and this works as before to extend notes inside a flow, it won’t allow me to extend into new time at the end of a flow. If I extend a note it will extend the flow, but specifically not a rest.

I can just switch into Rests mode and add Rests at the length of a bar, but this feels a little clunkier to me now I’m used to the old way. I don’t suppose there’s a setting anywhere for this is there? Or something I’m missing?

Why not just add a large, arbitrary number of bars, transcribe your piece, and then trim the flow once your done? Seems rather clunky to add measures one by one this way.


I agree that there has been a change of behaviour between Dorico 3.5 and Dorico 4 in this area. I’ll talk to Stefan, our note input and editing expert, about why this might have changed and whether it’s something we can feasibly restore.

@Romanos yes, it would be clunky for certain workflows, but the way I have become very used to transcribing which works well for me is that adding bar by bar is the way in which I count the bars - adding as I listen, adding section markers/notes etc. I certainly find this more effective than just counting, then adding the appropriate number of bars per section from the popover, for example.

@dspreadbury - that’s hugely appreciated, thank you!