Increase CC lanes with a key command


I like to increase the height of the CC lanes to make some fine adjustment with the mouse. However it is a pain to manually do it by draging it with the mouse.
I’d like to be able to do that with a key command.

I figured I could assign a key command to a workplace with the desired CC lanes height but unfortunately, when switching workplace you loose the focus of the instrument you were working on in the key editor which is annoying.

Does anyone has a fix to accomplish this?


Hi @Kartoushh

Does hitting Z (Zoom Tracks Exclusive) twice do the trick?

Alternatively, check these commands:

@Croissant OP is talking about MIDI CC lanes in MIDI editors. Your reply is irrelevant.

@Kartoushh There are no key commands for adjusting the CC lane heights. You could add the “feature-request” tag to this thread.

Hi @Kartoushh

Do the Controller Lane Setup 1-x commands work for you?

In contrast to the workspace change, the currently selected midi note stays active.


omg that’s exactly what I needed :smiling_face_with_tear: Merci mon cher!!

Thank you guys for the other responses! :slight_smile:


You could make Logical Editor presets and assign own Key Commands.

I’m glad this works for you, @Kartoushh :dancer:

It’s not always necessary to increase the height to make fine adjustments in the controller lane.
You could select a controller event and mouse over the status line value/position an then use the mouse wheel for fine adjustments:

The nudge right/left keycommands (CTRL+left/right) work for horizontal movement. However, there doesn’t seem to be a command for moving them vertically?
That might be possible via logical editor, though.

Btw, if you ever need to change the cc values on multiple tracks, the list editor can be very handy:

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wow I was not aware of that list editor. thanks a lot!

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