Increase contrast for bright event colors

some track/event colors have very low contrast for midi tracks, especially in the bright yellow region, like this:

there is no way to increase the contrast, or set the foreground color seperately from background, change it to always black or something, is there?


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This is something I deem worthy of some effort from Steinberg. This behaviour is obvious not only in MIDI part data, but also automation lanes. It’s not something too horrible at first glance, but it quickly becomes fatiguing for the eyes after some time.


you can change the notes brightness, i keep it at around 80% and seems to work well with both bright and dark event colors, you can find the slider in the preferences under “event display/midi”

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Yes, that’s certainly doable. But I can’t find a good setting anyway. Nowadays I just keep it at 0, so that MIDI data is black within a generally light colored part. But the moment I select a part and colors are inverted, I need them to be white and they stay black.

You know, at times I wonder if we could have this red outline that Nuendo had and everyone was shouting about how ugly it was? I’d certainly like to have that as an option instead of inverting colors for selection. :sweat_smile:

I know, I know, unpopular opinion. :alien: :robot:

That’s a good solution, thanks.

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