Increase plugin window size Cubase Pro 11

Hi all,

Some of my plugin windows are extremely small since upgrading to Cubase Pro 11. Is there a way to increase the size ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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The plugins are probably not in HD. Either set Cubase to not use HiDPI in the preferences or you can try clicking the menu at the top right of the plugin window, lets you select an option for window size, cant remember what it says exactly.


Hmm I tried that but it made no difference.

Hi @kingy75

Have you tried the following option? This was imlpemented for this purpose:.


Yep tried the "Allow Window to be resized: option. It works for a few plugins but makes no difference to MIR Pro.

Unfortunately I do not know MIR Pro but it seems to me that in your screenshot the main window is rather “big enough” but that the dialog that it opens is quite small? Or am I not getting the issue right?

Is MIR Pro VST 3 or 2?

Yeah that’s correct. The window size is fine but the text is too small to read.

It’s VST 2.4.

I see, well this is already a more tricky situation indeed.

In the end VSL aren’t doing the job right for 2 reasons:

  • The extra window they create is not setting the correct DPI-Awareness
  • They should use VST3 that allows plugins to be compatible with HiDPI. Our solution is just a workaround for the last mohicans who haven’t ported their plugins.

VSL replied with a solution that has 90% solved the problem.

Their fix has solved the problem of the tiny text size in the main MIR Pro window but the first window that opens up is still very small, even when I sellect “Allow Window to be resized”…

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Ah great to hear there’s a fix for the first issue! I’ll note this for other plugins, it could be it’s a workaround for them too.

Regarding the second screenshot, I had understood so far that the main window was theoretically working. What’s the difference between this “first” window and the main window? Sorry I have no quick access to MIR Pro right now but will ask around if somebody in-house has the plugin.

Rather afraid to read this from a Steinberg crew member, actually, as ALL the plug-ins that I regularly use are VST 2.4, beside Lounge Lizard EP-4, and most of them will never have an update while remaining irreplaceable : Emulator X, Alchemy and TruePianos are the first ones I’m thinking of…

So, is this kind of comment a hint of what is to be expected for next Cubase versions ? :thinking:

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