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I have unfortunately not been able to pinpoint how to Increase the size of the numbers in my Tablature in Elements 4. I’ve searched every string of words i can think of, maybe I’m missing something really obvious??

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To change the font size of tablature numbers requires the Pro version of Dorico.

In case you ever actually have the chance to do it (in Dorico Pro), it is found in Library > Font Styles… > Tablature Numbers Font.

In the attached projects, I have set the Tablature Numbers Font to various sizes from 8.0 points (the default) to 14.0 points in 0.5 point increments. Each project has two bars of notes and tablature to show you what it looks like. If you need something larger, feel free to ask.
When opened in Dorico Elements, each project will (should) retain the point size set using Dorico Pro but you won’t be able to change it in Elements.

In Layout Options > Players > Fretted Instruments, you can set the guitar notation to show Notation only, Notation and Tablature or Tablature only. Make sure you have chosen the layouts (in the Layouts column on the right) in which you want that to apply.

TAB 8.0pt.dorico (593.2 KB)
TAB 8.5pt.dorico (594.6 KB)
TAB 9.0pt.dorico (594.5 KB)
TAB 9.5pt.dorico (595.2 KB)
TAB 10.0pt.dorico (595.5 KB)
TAB 10.5pt.dorico (596.9 KB)
TAB 11.0pt.dorico (596.1 KB)
TAB 11.5pt.dorico (597.6 KB)
TAB 12.0pt.dorico (598.4 KB)
TAB 12.5pt.dorico (597.8 KB)
TAB 13.0pt.dorico (599.5 KB)
TAB 13.5pt.dorico (599.0 KB)
TAB 14.0pt.dorico (600.1 KB)

In this example, the Tablature Numbers Font is 12.0 points.

Oh gotcha, thanks for the response. It’s a bit unfortunate that you have to basically be under the age of 25 to read the default Tab size in Elements :nerd_face:

I can see how to increase the size of the TAB font numbers. Is there a way to make the TAB “staff” more widely spaced. A three-line dulcimer staff would be much easier to read if the staff and numbers were larger. Could an option to bring that about be added if there is no way now to accomplish it?

Have a look at Engraving Options > Staves > Scale factor for distance between staff lines in tablature.

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Not sure I would have found that on my own even after searching the web manual.
Thank you!