Increase the scroll fidelity (fine tuned scrolling)

In the main window, I’m normally zoomed in close doing edits in the"edit-in-place" editors. When I move the lower scroll bar (or use the mouse scroll wheel), I’d like it to move in smaller left/right increments. Is it possible to adjust this (to perhaps increments of only a beat)?


Been asking for years. Steinberg doesn’t seem to think there’s an issue despite this being heavily requested. Even on Greg’s Livestream, when asked, he says “seems fine to me”.

Steinberg, the scrolling is jank. Please.

This might be due to there being different behaviors depending on which mouse, what your mouse settings are, etc.

eg., on my system with Cubase 12, when I zoom in I can scroll by less than a quarter note.

zoom in, go full screen, or open in new tab

Good tip on the mouse settings, I’ll give it a try.

… didn’t help…