Increase volume even more in Cubase LE1

I have a really bad recording made on my cell phone that I want to use. The volume on the original recording is very low, so I’ve tried increasing the track/channel volume (it says 6, don’t know what that means but the lever doesn’t go higher) and doing the same thing with the master volume. I want it loooouder!

I’ve tried reading the documentation but I find it awfully bad and since it lacks pictures I don’t know what all the menues and functions it mentions, are. Any ideas on how to increase the volume some more?

You can use the audio processing dialogue found in the Process submenu on the Audio menu.

Either select “Gain” where you can boost the file by up to +20dB per process. Page 221

Or use the “Normalise” function that can take the file up to full scale if you desire. Page 224

Oh and I definitely saw pictures when looking at the LE1 manual :laughing: