Increasing tempo of audio files

…Guys … If anyone can help me with this I would appreciate it soooo much cos its driving me flaming nuts. I’ve read the manual about warping etc numbers of times and I just can’t see how to do this or if its even possible. I’m using Cubase Artist 8.5. I don’t even know if I’m reading the right section…
I have one audio file at a slower tempo and a second audio file at a faster tempo. I have a third audio file of a drum break which is at the same tempo as the slower audio file. I want to put the drum break in the middle of the two audio files and as the drum break file plays, I want to increase the tempo so that it speeds up gradually during the duration of the drum break to the faster tempo of the second faster audio file.
Damn manuals … why can’t I make sense of them like other people? … If you can give me a method to do this I really will be very grateful…


Add the Drum loop to your project. Make sure, the event is in the Musical Mode. To do so, select it in the Project window and enable Musical in the Info line of the Project window. Or open the Pool window and enable it in the “Musical” column by the tick. The Drum loop is following the tempo, now.

Add the Tempo Track or open the Tempo Editor. Add a nodes to change the tempo in the relevant Bars area. The Drum loop will follow.

Damn! … It worked first time! … Now why can I follow what you’ve told me but I can’t follow the manual?
Thanks a lot!!! … Really appreciate it