Increasing the length of a note leads to this?


Feeling a bit perplexed over this behaviour. I am prolonging the note with alt shift right arrow and get this result. Is that right, or is there a setting that I might have altered? The beaming and rythmic notation style is completely normal on other places. If I shorten the note with alt shift left and then lengthen it again with alt shift right it notates as it should.
alt shift right.gif

Have you imported the music from xml?

I have the tendency of building on old files… All this is written in manually in Dorico from scratch, but the flow (or another flow in the file) might have xml origins.

Right now I cannot even reproduce it again.

I believe this is going to change in the forthcoming update so that it will increase / decrease by the amount show in the rhythm grid.

I think it already does. There must have been something weird going on in my file.