increasing volume for a midi event

is there a way to increase volume of a midi event? like in a audio event?

i want to increase all the notes volecety by 30%.
how can i do that?


Select all MIDI Notes in the Key Editor and increase the volume in the Info View or controller lane… All Notes will increase the volume.

Or select the MIDI Event and use MIDI Function Volume.

Or use logical editor and create a preset for it.
I use presets for 10% more or less with key commands assigned to them.
So raising around 30 % would be just use the appropriate key command trice. If that were too much, then 1 times diminish might be right…
Very handy and fast that way.

Hello lanter,
Can you please share this logical editor preset with us?
I think It can be really very handy if I can raise or down multiple midi event volumes by once.

Thank you,

Well, pretty simple I’d think, thought you could figure that out yourself.

Anyway, create two logical editor presets
Velocity + 10 %:
Filter target: Type is > Equal > Note
Action target: Value 2 > Multiply by > 1.1000
Velocity - 10 %:
Filter target: Type is > Equal > Note
Action target: Value 2 > Devide by > 1.1000

And then assign key commands to them, like Alt+Num + ; Alt+ Num -

Thank you lanter,

In fact I have figured out by myself. Changing Note type to Controller. And assigning one for CC7 and one for CC1. Works flawlessly also for multiple event selections.

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I do not see Midi Volume Function in my [Midi] [Functions]. Cubase 11. Is there something I am missing please.