Increasing volume of Very Quiet Tracks


I have a project where the tracks ( mostly VST) are at around -35 to -20dB. I used VCA and Group fader to increase the volumes however, It seems the group track and VCA fader linked to the tracks are at 0 dB; they don’t give me enough room to increase the volumns and I would like to try increasing them relatives ( by a factor/multiplier) and absolutely ( by a fixed amount). I tried to use Project Logic editor, however, it does not give me option to change volumes of my track!

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


I’d say first try to fix it at the source if it’s VST? Go to the VST and increase the output there? If not possible use gain at the Cubase strip in the mixer?

If its audio, just normalize it to something sensible.

I sometimes will adjust the pre gain in the channel settings dialog.

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Thank you all for taking the time to reply. I would like to do this for a projects with many ( sometimes over 200) tracks! I would rather to do this automatically for mixing purpose. I guess I am going to put it as feature request!

Are you asking how to add more gain to tracks that are routed to a group channel than you can get from the level fader? Just insert an effect that adds gain. There are gain plugins, or even use a flat EQ plugin with an output level control. But, adding 35 dB after the the tracks will probably result in audio quality problems. Ultimately you’ll need to go to the source of the audio and increase the level there.

So why not select all tacks, then normalize to whatever level you feel you want?

The audio events are all normalized to -6 to -3db.

Thank you guys!

It is not possible, they way I am asking for then.

Are the normalized audio tracks going directly to the group track or are they going through any effects first? It sounds like something may be squelching them before they get to the group track. Are their individual levels actually reading -6 to -3db? They should be right up there in volume with your other tracks if they are. Try sending just one of the tracks to the group track. The group track should read the same as the source track. If not, the problem lies within the routing.

Thank you suprawill1. There is nothing wrong my routing, etc. I was just asking for a functionality of VCA & Group tracks! I learned that it is not possible.I put it as a feature request. I use it for ( in my opinion very effect mixing of projects with many tracks) my mixing process.

Ok, I see what you mean.
What I usually do when the individual track or group track doesn’t allow more fader volume is load a compressor into the group track. If I don’t need it to compress, I adjust it to 1:1 ratio and then use the “makeup” volume to increase it. Works the same as an auxiliary volume.
Bear in mind that if your group track is already at 0db, you risk going into overload and getting digital distortion. I know you have a lot of tracks but it may be more to your advantage to group your other tracks and decrease their volume to match the ones you wanted to increase. That way you won’t risk overload.
This may be a work around until you get your feature request. :slight_smile: