Incredibly frustrated - can't get new VST purchases to show up in Cubase

I purchased Absolute 5, Pro Percussion Bundle and RAST-A and used the Download Assistant and the Library Manager to install them. They are fully installed on my computer. However, the only one that shows up in Cubase is the RAST-A because, it seems, that it belongs to the Halion group. How do I get the rest to show up in Cubase? Looking through the documentation for Cubase for Library or Media, nothing seems to indicate how to load the other two.
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First of all you set the tag for Cubasis, but from your text I assume you are talking about Cubase. So I change the tag for you to Cubase.

Absolute 5 is not a VST or instrument, it is basically a collection. It contains instruments like Halion 6, Groove Agent, Retrologue, Padshop, as well as lots of instruments.

What you will load in Cubase is the instrument, like Halion 6, and there you find all the VSTs that you see in the Library manager. The Library manager also shows you which VST can be used in which instrument. There is a header line that allows you to show the different content.


That sounds like a good answer… question is, how do you load Halion 6 into Cubase?

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You need to start a project and add some tracks. Have a look at the documentation, it explains all the details.

OK, I see where adding a track I can select from different items. I have a project with tracks already, so is there a way to change what the track is drawing from (i.e. currently they are drawing from Halion SE 3 and I’d like to change a track to some other instrument that may come from Halion 6)?
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Just click on the name of the instrument and select what you need from the list

I see your picture, but where did you find that menu? I haven’t been able to find it, except when I’m creating a new track. I want to be able to edit an existing track that was previously assigned to Halion Sonic SE library and start by changing it to some other library.
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I think I found the menu to change instruments, libraries, etc. It seems to be under the VSTi menu tab, currently on the right side of the tracks. I don’t understand why they make it so difficult to find, but now that I know I should be able to change and select new instruments.
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That is the Inspector and it should be right there unless you hit the hot key or clicked the icon in the upper right to close the left pane. Either click the icon in the upper right (you see the three boxes to open/close the left/bottom/right panes?) or hit the command key to open it back up. On a Mac its CMD+OPT+L (and CMD+OPT+B and CMD+OPT+R for the bottom and right respectively) not sure what it is on Windows. Probably CTRL-ALT-L.

Thank you, that helped a lot. Still can’t seem to find all the stuff that I loaded with my purchase last weekend, but I think this gets me closer to my goal of understanding how to set things up and change sounds.

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