Increment values button in Generic Mode with BCR2000?

Hello people,

After doing some extensive research and setup, I must admit that Cubase 6 built in Generic Mode remote source is kind of most underestimated function Cubase :slight_smile:

In conjunction with BCR2000 you can really get nice results, even without emulated Mackie Mode. In fact, for us who always want to have values to appear in fixed form, it is a heaven.

I’m wondering one thing regarding possible button states/functions that Cubase Generic Remote allows. Under ‘Flags’ I can only select ‘Push Button’ , ‘Toggle’ or ‘Not Automated’. What I need is to set a ‘Increment’ function so that I can control buttons with 3 or more states. Not just ‘Toggle’. Please check attached image for clarification.

Any chances to change Cubase internal settings or similar, OR do this function needs to be added in Generic XML file and imported to Cubase maybe??

I will appreciate any answer.


The only way I can think of, at the moment, would be to use continuous controllers instead of buttons.

Or, you can edit the the messages the buttons send on the bcr2000 using one of the utilities for that device.

If you search the forum for bcr2000, there were a couple recent threads on the subject.

Exact what I want to avoid. I don’t want to throw away a BCR2000 encoder (continuous controllers) in Generic Mode on 3 state button… How much I can see in Generic Mode it I’m stuck with Cubase addressed ‘Flags’ for this. Or, I hope, not…

Hm, that works for standalone, but not in Generic Mode. Generic Mode have ‘exclusivity’ on ‘Flags’, no matter what I set in BC Manager. Maybe I’m overlooking something!?


Can’t find any thread regarding this?

Sorry I can’t be of more help on this, I don’t have my BCF2000 hooked up, and am not in a mode to experiment these days.

Have you checked out the yahoo group?

Long story short, there is probably a way to do what you want, but it may involve non-trivial (time-wise) parameter editing.

You don’t specify what platform you are on, but on Mac there is a utility called LC xmu that allows you to modify data from the BCF/BCR to a pretty granular degree.

There is one for PC but I don’t recall the name now, maybe someone else will chime in with it.



Of course, I can set button on midi controller to send increment +50 value on push. But than 2-state sources on VSTi doesn’t work. That is spoiling logic of having universal, single BCR2000 (or any other midi controller) preset and just set everything in Generic Mode banks in Cubase.

VSTi:s with more than 2-3 state buttons are very common so I guess this is a limitation of Cubase Generic Mode. I’m wondering if it is possible to add ‘Increment’ state of button under Cubase ‘Flags’ in ‘Device Setup >> Generic Remote’ windows?