Incremental backup

I’d really like to have the possibility to make incremental backups of the sessions.
Now is possible to backup only in an empty folder.


I think there is actually an auto back up or ‘auto save’ function in cubase already. You can adjust it by going to preferences->general->autosave. And often you’ll see .bak files next to your project files, but I’m not sure how well this works. There’s lots of times where a project has crashed without me saving and I haven’t been able to load the backup.

i think I was not clear.
I was referring to the “backup project…” in the file menu, not the autosave function.

“Save As” can save it to to your current & non-empty folder. Or even save the Project to a different & non-empty folder, but not its audio which will still be in the original Project’s Audio Folder. The reason for the empty folder restriction is to prevent problems from mingling audio files (potentially with the same names) from multiple Projects.

Thanks for the answers!
But I see i’m not clear… Maybe it’s my poor English :blush:
I’m referring to the backup of the entire project folder including the audio pool to another location, not the cpr alone.
I’d really like to have the possibility to update the audio pool in the backup folder location.
I’m referring to incremental backup like carbon copy cloner or time machine do.
This can be useful if you are working for more days on a project recording instruments and make a backup at the end of the day.

No, your English is fine & I do understand what you are asking for. But they specifically don’t let you do that because it can potentially mess up the files in your Audio folder.

The restriction really isn’t that different than your incremental backup analogy. If you make an incremental backup today it creates a brand new incremental file which is similar to creating a Cubase backup in an empty folder. What you are suggesting is similar to asking that when you create an incremental backup today it goes in and modifies the already existing incremental file you created yesterday. Each backup starts with a clean slate - for Cubase a new folder, for incremental a new file.

The big difference is the incremental nature of disk backups. You start with a full backup and then the incremental backups only save what’s changed since the last one. This works great for a file system backup scheme - in large part because you never use the backups as a functioning file system - they only exist to restore a file system, not to be a file system. In Cubase a backup is intended to create a fully functioning Project that can usable entirely on its own. To do this it basically forces you to do the equivalent of a full backup each time.

I think it’s unfortunate that they chose to call the function in Cubase “Backup” since that is not what it is generally used for. A more accurate name based on its intended purpose would be “Save as New Project”, but that would cause confusion with “Save as…” (so maybe “Clone Project” would be better). If you want to backup your work in Cubase so it can be recovered (and we all should) the best tool to use is a regular file system backup program. “Backup” is used to create a new fully functioning and independent copy of a Project. And “Save as…” lets you create variants of a Project that are not independent of each other.

Thanks for the explanation! Now I understand the reason why we don’t have this function.
So, carbon copy cloner is my friend :wink: