Independency of "Grace note before barline"

Dear users and developers,

How can I get the following result?

The result above is done by using Preview under macOS.

In Dorico, I am not able to find a proper way to get it. Please watch the following video:

I have found a way: using Note Spacing is a way to do it, but it would be better if we can control “Grace note before barline” per staff independently…

This is something that has already been asked, it’s on the back log, and we wait for a “fix”.


thanks! I have forgotten this post! :frowning:

Any updates on this? Can I have grace notes both before and after barlines?

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+1 for this function to be added.

Io ho semplicemente spostato l’ acciaccatura singola e la relativa semibreve.
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