Independent Channels on Staves

I’m having an issue getting independent MIDI channels to work on different staves. While the expression maps/playback techniques are all routed correctly, Channel 2 overrides Channel 3 when I want them to sound separately. How do I fix this?

Welcome to the forum, Michael. Have you definitely set things up in the Routing section of the Track Inspector in Play mode appropriately?

Check out this post, which has some advice about how best to ask questions here so that we can help you most efficiently:

The key is to provide a project file rather than a picture (though I know it’s tricky when you’re a brand new poster because you might not yet have a high enough trust level to attach a project – please spend a few more minutes reading posts on the forum and your trust level will quickly increase).

Thanks for the tip.

Both staves are routed to the same MIDI channel (Channel 1) - is it because of this they can’t switch channels independently?

It’s normal for all the staves of an instrument to be assigned to the same MIDI channel. If you want to use one channel for e.g. the RH staff, and another one for the LH staff, and a third for the pedal staff, then the way I would personally approach this is to activate independent voice playback for the instrument in the Routing section of the Track Inspector in Play mode. Now you will be able to select the “sub-track” corresponding to each voice in the track overview in Play mode and assign it to the desired channel independently.