Independent folder behavior in Mixer and Project view?

I’ve looked and it seems that either nobody is interested or (more likely) I am asking the question in the wrong way.

Is it possible to have a view setting in the Mixer Console so that unfolding a folder there in the Visibility Panel isn’t immediately repeated in the Project View? Thanks!

Not exactly sure what you mean by unfolding a folder in the visibility panel, but perhaps you’re thinking of the Sync Project and MixConsole setting?


When I click on an arrow icon (a folder) in the Left Zone in the Mixer View, it will open or close that folder, as expected.

The same action will also happen in Project View.


What I’d like to do is to disable this linking so that the folders in the Console and Project open and close independently from each other, so I can have a fixed view in the Mixer and flexible one in Project. Perhaps there’s a way? Thanks.