Independent Headings To Start New Flows

I have two flows in a piano vocal score representing two sections or movements. I have the headings on the first page of the first flow and I would like some headings on the first page of the second flow. I can’t find how to achieve this.

I have found forum posts and a section in the Dorico manual but stil Il am unable to have the two headings. I am obviously missing something basic here so could someone help please by giving steps on how to have independent headings to start flows.


In most similar situations, the easiest thing is to go into Layout Options > Page Setup > Flows and set “Use First Master Page” to “Any flow starting at top of page”. While you’re here you might as well turn off Flow Headings entirely. Then edit your First Master Page so that it contains {@flowTitle@} (etc.) tokens rather than {@projectTitle@} tokens.

Hello Pianoleo,

Thank you for your help once again, your suggestion worked beautifully. :slight_smile:

Best wishes.