Independent key signature setting in transposed parts

I have an arrangement / flow with many key signature changes (very common in scores for musical theatre), amongst which there is one section in E major / 4 sharps. In a transposed trumpet (Bb) part, Dorico would display this section in F# Major / 6 sharps. Now depending on their musical roots, some trumpet players prefer reading the enharminc spelling of Gb Major / 6 flats over reading 6 sharps including myself :slight_smile: . Is there a simple way to have this section displayed with 6 flats, the non transposed full score remaining at 4 sharps?

Note that with 5 sharps in concert pitch, Dorico would display 5 flats in the transpsed trumpet pitch; 4 sharps in concert pitch would also display with 5 flats in a transposed Alto Saxophone (Eb) part. And: I need to specify 8 flats in concert pitch to have 6 flats in transposed trumpet pitch.

The only option at present for this is found on the Accidentals page of Notation Options. In the future we do plan to make it possible to have clef and key changes that apply only in a single layout to allow you to handle this kind of situation.

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Thank you very much. Obviously changing clef or key signature per layout would be very nice. There are other good uses for this, e.g. writing parts for trombones reading in C/bass clef and in Bb/treble clef, respectively. I am looking forward to this!

Having an option “prefer 6 b over 6 #” in the transposition section of the accidental page would also do the job in my current situation.

If I understand correctly - if my arrangement is in B major, I can’t write for the trumpet player in C#, only in Db?
I hope I’m mistaken, because it’s a real issue in my band and I don’t want do open a new project for every member of the horn section.
(For example, my trumpet player prefers to read in C# but my tenor sax in DB)

Thanks, Daniel!

It’s possible to use independent key signatures, but your score will look jolly weird.

Has this functionality ever been added to Dorico? Because otherwise there are going to be some very irritated clarinet players in the pit orchestra for my next show . . .

Yes, Dorico 3 and 4 take care of this for you. See the User Guide.