Independent sizes of channels in the mixer(s)

Not sure if it was alreaday posted…
For any next version I’d find it handy to have the freedom of sizing the width for each channel in the mixer individually.
Also, like in the track list of the project view, something similar to folders for the mixer would be cool.
Like a mixer group could be easily collapsed or expanded and then also channels can have their own width
Sometimes I like to see all channels but MID, INs, AUDIO for instance quite narrow but Groups rather wide


You used to be able to make mixer channels narrower, some versions back. I liked that feature, I used it a lot.

You can of course hide and reveal tracks in the mixer pretty easily, but something like what you’re describing with folding tracks would be great. For me the best would be if the folders you create in the project would actually show up in the mixer as strips, like a thin strip that can be folded/unfolded to reveal the tracks.