Independent Track Loop enhancement

Hi Steinberg :slight_smile:

The “Independent Track Loop” is in Cubase for some decades now. Could you please give us some small enhancement on this? It would be great if there were keycommands for:

  • set Independent Track Loop on selection
  • set rounded Independent track loop on selection (extend selection to next bar)
  • Duplicate range
  • toggle independent track loop

That would really speed up the workflow!

There’s already a keycommand for “repeat loop”, but that doesn’t make much sense as long as there are no shortcuts for the Independent Track Loop at all.



@nohiddencatch bit confused by what you mean by #2 and #3

#2 you’re saying there should be a command to set the Independent Track Loop to whichever bars it is closet to (or perhaps the playback cursor is in?)

A few others I would add,

  • Project Loop to Independent Track Loop (ie if you already have a Project Loop set that is applicable to the Independent Track Loop you want to initiate, this just transfers the Project Loop to the ITL.

How is there no command to toggle this setting on/off? That’s I found this thread.

I read, that there are some new keycommands in version 12, but as I’m not using Cubase anymore, I don’t know, if this topic has been adressed.

“Set rounded independent track loop” means, that if you select a few events, the track loop should be extended and set by the actual grid, maybe one bar. In other DAWs this function is called “loop selction snapped”.