Independent Track Loop loosing sound Bug?

Indeed, in 12.0.40 Independent Track Loop works as expected.

Bug repro:

  1. Make new empty project
  2. Load VSTi (Retrologue for ex)
  3. Make midi part with few notes
  4. Activate Independent Track Loop and select range containing some of the notes
  5. Activate Read automation
  6. Result: NO SOUND!

Even if you turn off Independent track loop afterwards still got no sound.
Interesting that @GregOndo promote feature 5 months ago on version that is probably broken(I assume that he used up to date version in this video) Creating Beats with Independent Track Loop | Cubase Q&A with Greg Ondo - YouTube

All versions from 12.0.50 and onward has this bug.

How come that Steinberg mess some features in Maintenance update over and over?

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