Independent Track Loop problems

Hello all

I have a 4 bar drum part in MIDI and a 4 bar audio sample, I want to make these loop while recording freely on a third track, I do not want to use the cycle as I want it to be one long sample that I can then cut, not cut into 4 bar sections automatically.

I have tried to do this and all I can get is either the sample or the drum part in the Independent Track Loop not both, I must be missing something simple but I just cannot see it.

I have tried highlighting both and using track loop bit it won’t do it, I have tried both the midi and the audio in the editor window. I’m sure I did it by accident once.

At the moment all I can do is make 20 copies of both and do it that way.

Can someone please call me an idiot and tell me how to do it.


The Independent Track Loop is active on the opened editor only. So you have to open both editors in the dedicated Windows.

I’ll try that, thanks.

Edit: I tried it and it works, I had one open in it’s own window and one in the bottom window.

I take it it works if I want more than two parts, just have each open in it’s own window.

Thanks again.


Yes, at the end, these are also 2 opened editor, so it works the very same way. :wink:

Good news, this is what happens by default. The Audio is not automatically cut into sections - it just looks like it has been. But if you take the Audio on the top Lane and drag its lower right corner to the right you can see the entire Audio File. See the 2 screen shots below.

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The best way I have achieved this in Cubase 11 is to take the audio of the loops and make Sampler tracks from them. Then play those sampler tracks from a pad that can be set to toggle the midi note.

Instead you could set it up in Groove Agent. You have to put the audio in a GA Instrument pad, and make the Performance pad have a single 4 bar note which triggers the Instrument pad with the sample on it. You can put the midi in a performance pad and route that midi out to the drum instrument, but you have to do that on a different “agent” than where you put samples.

In the end, (without a template set up for this purpose) it’s easier to copy paste into a different set of tracks used for looping ideas. I have a very elaborate setup using pre-configured Sampler tracks, for this purpose.

And this is exactly why we could really use a clip launcher in Cubase!

I intend to share my complete template soon if that would have any interest. Between making music, and instructing, and my day job, I just haven’t gotten around to it.

Bothe Skijumptoes and I went into this on this thread over here:


That is easier. And you could use track versions to create different loop ideas if you wanted, or just use the lanes of the clips you want to loop.

But it’s a lot of setup with the ITLs if you want to try different clips at different lengths, and they aren’t all the same length.

At that point it is easier to put them in there own sampler track. You have to set that up once, and then you have the freedom to use each clip independently without more setup. If you work this way a lot, it saves a lot of time.

Someone will come along and suggest Ableton again I suppose, but it really doesn’t compare. It’s MIDI is broken for starters. It should would be nice to have a clip launcher in Cubase.

I can just open the editor window for each track and set the ITL for each one. I originally thought you could highlight the samples/tracks you wanted and just set the ITL for both audio and midi, but you can’t.

It’s so I can just improvise something and keep the 4 bars going for a while, I used to just copy the samples on the tracks I wanted lots of times, for some reason the metronome doesn’t inspire me. It’s quite a basic thing to do during the inspirational phase of writing, get a drum beat and a single note bass line for 1/16 or 1/32 in the right key root note.

I want to be able to play back the whole sample and still have the 4 bars repeating too, then stop, cut and drag the bit I want to a new track to edit myself. I don’t really want to mess about making new samples then importing them.

If it’s any help I have Cubase Elements 11.0.40. Got an amazing deal on ebay for 10 and have been updating it.

This is just to explain what I will do and why I wanted it. Thanks for the help everyone.


You can. Double-click the MIDI Part to open the Key Editor (if it’s not in the new window, open it to the window). Then double-click the Audio Event to open the Sample Editor. Done.

If you want to open multiple Key Editors of multiple MIDI Parts (or multiple Sample Editors of multiple Audio Events), disable the Preferences > Editors > Editor Content Follows Event Selection, please.

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I didn’t mean opening each track in it’s own editor window, I mean I tried holding the left mouse button dragging it over the samples and the MIDI part so they are highlighted then going into the editor for one of them and setting the ITL once, I thought you could do that, I was wrong. Your first post told me how to do it the way you mention with each track in it’s own editor window. I’ll just use that method, I’ve tried it and it works for me. Thanks again.

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