Independent voice playback with BBCSO?

I can’t seem to get independent voice playback to work correctly when using the BBCSO Core playback template and library. I have a divisi Violin section where the top staff is arco and bottom pizz. Placing the measures in question in another voice and assigning a new VST instrument works fine with Halion, NotePerformer, and VSL SE, but I can’t seem to get this working with BBCSO Core. As soon as the pizz indication comes in the lower staff, the top staff changes from arco to pizz too even though it is in another voice and assigned to another instance of Violin I. As this works fine with other libraries, is there another step required to get arco and pizz working simultaneously in BBCSO?

Wow. If there is no work-around for this, it would be important to know.
Would you have the same situation between first and second violins, or are they set up differently than divisi firsts?

Apologies for asking the stupid question, but are you certain you’ve definitely set the two voices to two separate instances of the player?

Yes, but they are two separate instances using the same sound, “Strings: Violins I.” No issues with other libraries I have, just BBCSO. Just wondering if it can’t handle multiple instances of the same sound, or if there’s another configuration step I need to do with them, or something else. Can anyone else get both pizz and arco using independent voice playback on a violin divisi with BBCSO using Strings: Violins I?

Just tested it, and it works as expected… did you assign the same expression map to both endpoints…?

BBCSO requires a lot of plugin duplication for situations like this, only a few of the patches support multiple simultaneous tones (maybe only the ‘a3,a4,…’ patches). Other libraries like EWHO pretty much support playing multiples across the board? Anyhow with the long tail reverb profile in BBCSO it probably makes sense to do it this way.

Ah, that was it, thanks! Working now.