Index markers exporting?

Is there a way to export index markers to a file format (not DPP) that would allow a CD to be burned that had the index markers included. The markers are CD track start and CD track end.
It’s for an audiobook that has index markers every 5 minutes. I have to send the file to a duplicator that doesn’t have a DPP burning facility.
Appreciate any advice.

I guess you mean this?

Thanks but not what they want - they’ve previously been supplied with a wave file that has the index markers embedded in it. I get to the stage where I’ve exported from montage window with tracks included but when I try to burn a CD from that file there is only one large track on the CD. If I burn directly from Wavelab then the index markers are all there.

There is no standard to embed markers (indexes) inside wave files.
You can render a wave file with markers embedded into it, but that’s independent from any standard.
The 2 standard that I known is DDP and .cue (the later being a bit obsolete today).

I still don’t see what your duplicator needs. You should ask for accurate info.