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Hello all. I’m trying to create a ‘Table of Contents’ for a musical score I’m working on but for the world of me, can’t work out how to do it. I’ve set up 2-text columns with ‘tokens’ in them (just to test it was working, I’ve only done the first flow) but when I do all of the basics (click on copy L to R followed by ‘apply’) non of it has taken effect (please see attached photos). Any help greatly appreciated.

The most obvious stumbling block is that the individual page has an override, as indicated by a red corner in the Pages panel at the top right corner of Engrave mode. You can remove that by right-clicking on the page in that panel and clicking Remove Page Overrides.

It may be that that override has come about because you’ve created a blank page and then given it a Master Page Change. If instead you take the original page 1 and give that a Master Page Change you won’t get an override.

Thanks for your quick, helpful reply Leo. Maybe I’m being especially dense but when I click to remove page overrides on the ‘Contents’ page it disappears completely and I go directly from the Title Page to the First Flow!?

Try assigning your contents master page directly to the 2nd page in the layout (rather than adding a new page based on a selected master page).

Thanks Lillie. I’m away from my computer at the moment but will try that option later.

Lillie, thank you so much. Your solution worked perfectly. :grinning:

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Smashing, that’s great :slight_smile: